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January 1st, 2018 - Apex Announcement
With regret, I am writing to notify you that effective 1 January 2018 Apex Technology Sales, Inc will no longer be under contract to represent Leviton, Berk-Tek and Chatsworth Products.
Apex is currently in discussions with a number of manufacturers and we hope to continue our partnership with you representing quality lines with the same level of integrity, professionalism and service that I feel is the foundation of our business. I am grateful for your business, your friendship and your incredible loyalty with those lines over the last 20 years. I especially appreciate your words of support and letters of recommendation over the course of the last six months. To say that I have been honored and humbled by your support, empathy and kindness is an understatement. Though this is not how Apex intended to celebrate our 25th year in the industry, Mark, Charlie and myself are looking forward to starting 2018 with new opportunities and partnerships that will serve you and your business well for the next 25 years. We invite your input, suggestions and feedback as we plan for a future that will outshine our successful past.

Again, my sincere thanks - I look forward to writing to you with better news in the weeks ahead.
Best Regards, Michael Pride