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September 9th, 2019 - Apex Technology Sales Announcements

Apex is pleased to announce that we have signed on with TiniFiber®!
Apex will represent TiniFiber® in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Western Wisconsin.
TiniFiber® is a U.S. Patented and Award Winning innovation that is "The Single Best Solution" for quality fiber optic cable built around the smallest Outer Diameter (OD) ruggedness to protect your investment for all project usages.

Micro Armor Fiber™ is a new U.S. patented product that incorporates a tightly wrapped stainless steel coil designed to provide the lightest, strongest and most flexible solution. It is approximately 65% smaller and 75% lighter than typical Alumninum Interlocking Armor (AIA) with the smallest outer diameter of any armored fiber optic cable in the industry. Combined with very high flexibility, TiniFiber® Micro Armor Fiber™ is designed to lower the installation cost of support systems, pathways and manpower labor hours.